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April 17, 2008

I have created a duel on my Squidoo page to see which you think is better: or Squidoo.  Give us reasons why you feel this way.  Make it interesting, people!



February 7, 2008
I have recently begun playing with a relatively new website called Squidoo that is a way for people to create websites easily on specific areas of expertise. Squidoo calls these mini-websites lenses. I have created two as an experiment to see if I can generate more traffic and interest in Hinutech, and if it is successful, this will certainly be something that I would recommend to all customers who wish to get the word out on their business. Squidoo is kind of like controlled chaos built around social networking. Very cool concept, and we’ll see if it is, indeed, worthwhile.

Stay tuned as I post my results.

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