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Creating A Social Network Around Church

March 12, 2008

My younger brother is a Brethren Minister in Northeastern Ohio. His primary focus for the past several years has been to plant churches in new areas and bring people to church who are “tired of the idea of church.” I have been to a few of his services, and they are very compelling and non-traditional. The message is usually very personal and relates directly to my brother or one of the people who has joined the church family.

My brother’s church is growing. People feel connected to him and each other on Sunday morning — and during the numerous get-togethers they have throughout the week. The personable way that the message is delivered coupled with the genuine caring that has been fostered in this community has resulted in a committed church.

I had lunch with my brother today, and we discussed the growth and the challenges that he faced as a church leader. I challenged him to think even more differently about how he could continue to engage his community and get his message out to even more people. I can think of no organization that would benefit more from a well done, interactive web presence. I encouraged my brother to start blogging routinely to share his insights with the church. Gather their responses. Foster dialog about beliefs, current events, daily living. The members would invite friends to join in the discussion through sharing of posts, and though there would not necessarily be more butts in seats on Sunday morning, the church and the church’s message would reach a huge number of people.

Just like non-profits are changing their models (think to engage people with their marketing versus interrupting them asking for money, churches (along with every other people-based venture) need to re-think how they are connecting with their flocks. Are churches keeping current members engaged? Are churches engaging enough to attract new members? Are churches meeting people’s needs and enabling their personal growth on their terms?

If you know of any churches who are doing this kind of stuff well, please let me know.

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March 12, 2008

Venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki announced a new service called Alltop — a news site that provides all of the top stories for 40 of the most popular topics on the web.  It’s effectively an RSS reader for people who don’t have the time or inclination to mess around with RSS readers.  I haven’t looked at this closely enough to form an opinion (though I reckon it’s really good), but this falls squarely in the camp of “it’s about time someone did this.”

Check out Alltop and let me know what you think.


February 7, 2008
I have recently begun playing with a relatively new website called Squidoo that is a way for people to create websites easily on specific areas of expertise. Squidoo calls these mini-websites lenses. I have created two as an experiment to see if I can generate more traffic and interest in Hinutech, and if it is successful, this will certainly be something that I would recommend to all customers who wish to get the word out on their business. Squidoo is kind of like controlled chaos built around social networking. Very cool concept, and we’ll see if it is, indeed, worthwhile.

Stay tuned as I post my results.

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