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The iPhone and User Experience

January 5, 2008

I received an iPhone as a Christmas gift from my wife, and after a couple of weeks of using it, I can safely say that it lives up to all of the hype that you have heard. From the effortless web browsing experience to the very effective email and calendaring applications, it’s all there.

Because I had to make the switch from my old provider to AT&T, we decided to move my wife’s plan to AT&T as well so that we could see some cost savings. They are currently running a special on smart phones, and we thought that it would be a good time for her to trade up to either a Blackberry or Samsung Blackjack II. After looking at the phones yesterday, it became obvious just how far ahead of the pack Apple is in regards to the user interface with the iPhone. Windows Mobile 6 and the Blackberry can’t hold a candle to the slickness and ease of use of the iPhone’s interface.

The iPhone might not have every feature that other smart phone manufacturers have, but it delivers extremely well on the promises that it makes. How does it do that? Through an effective, intuitive user interface. If people can effortlessly use technology, they will. Technology must be an extension of logical, normal thought, or folk simply will not use it.

AT&T’s smart phone sales ends in a couple of weeks, and we are trying to talk ourselves out of getting another iPhone. If we don’t get another iPhone, my wife has decided to forego a lesser smart phone.