Google As A Destination

There is a great discussion at Gigaom about Google’s transformation from a search engine to an internet destination with very insightful comments from the blog readers. From day 1, Google’s mission has been to catalog the world’s data, and each of their add-on services seeks to improve on that mission. Think about the usefulness of GMail, Google Apps, Blogger, Feedburner, Analytics (and on, and on), and each of these services seeks to enhance the world’s access to and definition of data. I don’t feel that Google is spreading themselves to thin….rather I see them as effectively executing their mission.

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2 Responses to “Google As A Destination”

  1. Firenzi Says:

    BTW even though i’m using Gmail for over two years I’ve suspended my Blogger account ‘coz I prefer WordPress engine.

    I’d really like to work here, as 90% of IT ppl also would like to, I suppose.

  2. Josh Says:

    Gmail is king. There is really no other web-based email service that compares, and its interaction with POP/IMAP/iPhone/Blackberry is second to none. Add to that the free email hosting provided for businesses, and Google has created yet another killer app.

    Just about everyone wants to work for Google which has made them even more of a force to reckon with. Because of the way that they run the company, the excellent services they provide to their customers, and the openness with which they operate (from a technology point view at least), they have created a following of techies that want to embrace, enhance and extend their products. Couple that with a killer cafeteria, and who wouldn’t want to work there???

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