Video Delivery and Meeting Consumers More Than Half Way

While reading a post at Dan Miller’s blog, I began thinking about the changing models of entertainment delivery, and it occurred to me that Hollywood Video is going to go away because they weren’t able to respond to customers fast enough. They held onto the old model of entertainment delivery for too long and are being replaced by iTunes and Netflix. I am a Netflix subscriber and will soon be doing away with the subscription in favor of iTunes (as soon as iTunes gets more movies…). Netflix delivers physical DVDs with astounding efficiency, but I prefer immediate and cheaper. I have a Mac at home, and Netflix’s reaction to the iTunes download service only works with Windows. I will be a Netflix missed opportunity.

Companies need to meet consumers more than half way. Companies can no longer rely on the consumer coming to them any more. Interruptions are no longer needed. Why interrupt my life to go to a video store when I can download a movie? Interruption marketing is no longer a working model. Million dollar commercials don’t sell me — the opinions/comments of millions of people on Amazon and in various blogs do. This is permission marketing at its finest. You and your product must be ready for me when I need you to be. Not before, and (as in the case of Netflix and Hollywood Video) certainly not after.

Whether you run your own business or are working for someone else, the old model of selling and marketing will continue to produce diminishing results. Find, embrace and enhance a new model that puts the people to whom you hope to sell in control. Serve them well. Get them talking to their friends. Deliver something amazing, and they will handle 99% of your marketing for you.

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One Response to “Video Delivery and Meeting Consumers More Than Half Way”

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