Measuring Greatness

In an earlier post, I gave an introduction to measures and how measuring the right things can lead you to success. In this post, I will detail some of Hinutech’s Key Performance Indicators and discuss what we are doing to improve or sustain.

Hinutech has two arms of business: web portal design/hosting and assisting customers with obtaining more business through driving traffic to their website. So, a key metric for us has to be web traffic.

As a relatively new company, it is essential for us to get the word out and ensure that we have a significant number of people checking us out on a daily basis. Some of these hits turn into sales while others turn into nothing. Each type of traffic is important to us because it informs us on the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. If only 3% of our overall traffic turns into a prospect, then we have a problem with our site and the message that we put forth. It is unreasonable to can expect 100% of our traffic to generate sales, so the sweet spot of effectiveness lies somewhere in between.

To get to this sweet spot, we have two key measures:
1. Total traffic. We try to grow traffic to our site by 5% a month. That means that we have 5% more opportunities to make impressions on potential customers. If we grow traffic by this much a month, we’re happy and wear party hats around the office. If we don’t, we analyze everything about our marketing plan and determine where we are going wrong or what we could be doing differently in our efforts. For example, one of our primary traffic generators is Google Adwords. We have a budget in which we work, and are constantly watching the effectiveness of our campaigns and tweaking words to ensure we are getting the most bang for our buck. If this traffic driver doesn’t contribute to our goal in a meaningful way, we have to reevaluate everything with our campaign.

2. Quality of traffic. Getting people to your site is one thing, but getting the right people there and getting them to take meaningful action is another. This speaks directly to Seth Godin’s rule of three for web traffic: Useful, Unique, Updated.

If people come to our site and find nothing of value, then we just wasted their time and an opportunity to deliver a solution to them. We might never get them back, so it is essential that the message we have on our site is useful for their needs. They have to be able to find what they are looking for quickly, and we have to have a clear message (FWIW, I am working on refining our message now. I don’t think we are as effective as we could be).

Unique: This should go without saying. You must have a unique offering and message. Visitors must get to your site and think that this is the best thing they have never thought of before. They need to send your link to their friends and co-workers to check out because there is nothing else on the web like it. There can’t be a million other you’s if you want to be the best in the world.

Updated: Site content must be continually refreshed and relevant. If you don’t have the commitment to keep your site updated, how can you expect customers to commit time, resources and money to you? Also, by keeping your site fresh, Google and Yahoo put more credence in your site. Finally, consistently working on your site to ensure that the message is fresh makes you continuously improve your marketing message. Nothing bad happens when you do this. Nothing.

We feel that if we watch these three areas, then our quality of hits will be higher. We measure the number of visitors that turn into prospects to determine the effectiveness of our site. We want this number to grow by 5% a month as well. We are yet to hit this number, and that tells me that 1, 2 or 3 of the 3 biggies noted above is out of whack.

These two measures are the biggest contributors to Hinutech’s success. I will discuss some of our others in a later post and will also report back on initiatives that we are taking to improve our progress with these two.


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    […] The moral of the story is this: target your marketing to people who will possibly buy from you. Make your products so compelling that they will tell others about you. Understand your customers and speak to them directly. This is an organic, slow-burn process that demands a continuous improvement mindset. […]

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