Apple’s Time Machine Debacle

Apple royally messed up their support for wireless backups via Time Machine by not allowing their customers to backup to a hard drive that is connected to their Airport Extreme Base Station. Many people purchased an Airport Extreme just to be able to take advantage of this capability when Leopard was released. Insult-to-injury time came when Apple release Time Capsule: an Airport Extreme Base Station with a hard drive included. So, what you have is some of your early adopters feeling taken advantage of (see the complaining at MacWorld).

For all of the good things about Apple, they have a habit of making their early adopters pay. Lessons can be learned from Apple’s behavior: treat your customers like gold. Treat the ones who put faith in you early on by giving you money before you’ve proven yourself even better. If you don’t, the instant feedback mechanism of the web will hurt you tremendously.


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