Leadership and The Godfather

I am watching The Godfather, Part II tonight on AMC — one of the few movies that I feel compelled to watch multiple times. What strikes me each time I watch it is how compelling Michael Coreleone is. What makes this character someone that we are collectively drawn to? Leadership. He is the consummate leader. He looks after his people. He follows through on commitments without fail. He is direct. He is always thinking about the greater good of his organization and family. He has the courage to take unpopular stands for what he knows is right.

Those that are not leaders in this movie fall away. They are the self-serving cowards. They are dishonorable characters who are always plotting for their own good. Leaders are always working for the benefit of their organization cognizant that their subordinates take cues about how to improve the organization from watching them in action.

Askmen.com has an entire section of their site devoted to Mafioso style leadership principals. Some of it is over the top, but it’s good reading nonetheless.


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