A Question of Focus

I was working with a new customer the other day, and we were discussing some of the things that Hinutech could do for him technically that he didn’t have the time nor expertise to do well. During our talks about using Google’s Adwords to drive customers to his site and then Analytics to ascertain what was working with his site, he came to realization that, although all of this stuff was free, he just couldn’t do it effectively himself. So, Hinutech is going to do it for him.

After I left his office, I thought of the Old 97’s line: Half the way there just wouldn’t be fair. If you are trying to market your business effectively, you need to have someone who is an expert at this stuff do it for you. We hire accountants and attorneys because they are experts. With enough time and focus, we can do what they do with a degree of success, but why risk failure at something so important? Marketing your business on the web is the same way. You can do it yourself, but why risk something as important as your corporate image as you come up the learning curve? Odds are, your days are full running your business. Why add something else to your day when you can pay someone to do it for you at a cheaper rate and with better, more immediate results?

It really all comes down to where you should focus your time. Doing something half way because it has the appearance of being cheaper isn’t doing you or your business any favors.

My advice is to get someone to handle your web marketing for you. Get someone who is passionate about it and who is always thinking of new ways to make improvements for you. It’s something you won’t have to worry about, and you’ll get better results.


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